Mobile Massage Therapy Brings Big Benefits

There’s more to a massage than just feeling nice! Regular massages can bring significant physical and mental benefits, making it one of the most beneficial ways you can spend an hour relaxing. Better yet, thanks to mobile massage services, you don’t even have to leave your home or office!

If you’ve never looked into the benefits that a mobile massage service can bring, here are just a few ways that getting a massage really pays off.

Seven Proven Ways A Massage Can Help Your Body and Mind

  1. Strengthening your immune system

Massages stimulate the lymph nodes, critical organs which are closely tied to the immune system. Massages cause them to discharge unwanted fluid, while also stimulating the production of white blood cells that fight disease.

  1. Stress reduction

Massages don’t reduce stress just by feeling good. They actively encourage the release of hormones like endorphins and enkephalins, which reduce stress and pain.  Massages also release oxytocin, a hormone that encourages “humanistic” behaviors like social bonding and empathy.

  1. Enhancing sports performance

Massages reduce muscle tension and muscle hypertonicity, which is critical as part of a workout routine. This helps prevent your muscles from becoming stiff, allowing you to be more flexible and perform better at sports or exercise.

  1. Reducing joint and muscle pain

Massages can relieve pain through the release of ‘feel good’ hormones, but they also provide direct relief. They reduce inflammation in joints, as well as preventing the release of proteins called Cytokines which cause inflammation.

  1. Preventing headaches and (possibly) migraines

By relieving tension in the back, a lot of common causes of headaches can be reduced. Some research also suggests that massages can help with reducing the frequency of migraines as well.

  1. Improving sleep

By reducing fatigue, relaxing muscles, and encouraging the release of positive hormones, regular massage therapy can do a lot to help you get a better night’s sleep! This can be especially helpful for people who suffer from insomnia due to stress and tension.

  1. Better focus at work

Studies have shown that workers who receive regular massages are more relaxed at work, and better able to focus on their jobs. This is why more and more businesses are adding massage services to their wellness programs!

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