Are you unsure about what a deep tissue massage is and if it is right for you? Our team at Know Knots Mobile Massage lists everything you need to know about this massage and the benefits it can bring.

  • What Is a Deep Tissue Massage?

The purpose of a deep tissue massage is to alleviate body pains and aches by applying firm and deep pressure that reaches the sub-layer of your muscles. This is done by hitting and manipulating the layers of supporting deep tissue, like the fascia and joints. Unlike some other forms of massage, generally, deep tissue massages are firmer and slower and can focus on the back, neck, and any other areas that have stiff joints and tendons.

  • Deep Tissue Massage Benefits

One big benefit of getting a deep tissue massage is that it can help lower blood pressure in individuals who suffer from both pain and high blood pressure. For those who have high levels of stress and anxiety – which are higher during these pandemic times – this type of massage can prompt serotonin and oxytocin that can help increase your mood and decrease stress levels. Additionally, after deep tissue massage, stress hormones can also decrease, making you feel more relaxed and rejuvenated.

Do you have chronic back pain? A deep tissue massage will help relax muscles in your back and increase circulation to the areas of your back that are painful.

  • Is Some Pain After A Deep Tissue Massage Normal?

Often, people are curious if a little discomfort after receiving this type is massage is normal? Yes, it is completely normal, and it’s expected that you will feel some pain (it’s a good thing). After about 48 hours, you will feel a decrease in overall body tension along with a feeling of more flexibility – this is due to your muscles being so relaxed.

One of the main ways to help with the soreness after receiving a massage is to drink a lot of water in order to keep your body and muscles properly hydrated. It is recommended to drink plenty of water before your massage and continue to do so 48 hours after your massage.

Another good remedy you can try at home is having a hot Epsom salt bath (or a hot bath if you don’t have Epsom salt). Applying a hot water bottle to different areas is another good way of dealing with some of the discomfort you may encounter.

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