Six Reasons to Book a Deep Tissue Massage

A deep tissue massage offers many benefits that some people may not even be aware of. So, we wanted to take this chance and highlight some reasons you should consider booking yours today.

The Benefits of Deep Tissue Massages

  • Relieve Tension & Stress

Deep tissue massages are a fantastic form of stress relief. Maybe your work schedule has been crazy or there have been stressful things at home, no matter the reason, this type of massage works wonders. Your tight muscles, shoulders, and other areas that carry stress and tension can all be massaged and relaxed. Also, massage can boost oxytocin, which is a specific hormone in your body that helps relax your body.

  • Aids with Muscle Injuries

Deep tissue massages are extremely popular with many athletes and sports since they can help with injuries and loosen tight muscles. If you are recovering from an injury (sports or non-sports related), a massage can help with fatigue and prevent the injury from getting worse.

  • Lower Your Blood Pressure

Blood pressure can be affected by stress, and massages have been proven to increase serotonin and decrease stress and tension levels. So, they can definitely help with different types of blood pressures like arterial and more.

  • Improves Movement & Breaks Down Scar Tissue

Unfortunately, areas of the body that have built up scar tissue can feel much stiffer and sometimes lead to chronic soreness. Deep tissue massages not only aid in blood circulation, but can also break down scar tissue and increase movement and flexibility.

  • Great for Arthritis

Arthritis can be very painful and limit one’s range of motion, cause stiffness, and cause extreme joint pain. The pressure from a massage can not only ease tension, but it can alleviate pain and greatly improve movement and stiffness.

  • Lower Discomfort & Pain

If you suffer from chronic pain in your back, neck, and other areas, deep tissues massages can help lower pain caused by those issues by relaxing tight tissue and muscle. Massage can be a cost-efficient way to manage discomfort and doesn’t require you to take unnecessary medication and pills.

Get a Massage at Home, the Office, or Your Hotel

Know Knots Mobile Massage provides private massages anywhere you need them. You can choose from 60-, 90-, or 120-minutes massages, and we offer a wide range of different massages. To learn more, contact us today!



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