The Top 6 Conditions that Benefit from Lymphatic Massage

The Top 6 Conditions that Benefit from Lymphatic Massage

Lymphatic massage, also known as lymphatic drainage therapy, is a non-invasive treatment that offers a variety of benefits for the body. Your lymphatic system is responsible for keeping your immune system healthy and lymphatic massage can give it the boost it needs for you to feel revitalized. That’s why Know Knots Mobile Massage specializes in lymphatic massage, in addition to many other healing services.

However, we wanted to give you some more information about precisely how lymphatic massage benefits certain conditions in the body, so read on!


This condition is caused by swelling in areas of the body including the arms, legs, head, abdomen, and genitals. It can be due to trauma or also be genetic. This condition hinders circulation, however, lymphatic massage can greatly reduce the pain and symptoms associated with lymphedema.

Swelling or Edema

This occurs when your blood vessels leak fluid into nearby tissues, causing swelling that can occur throughout the body. It could also be caused by an infection or inflammation, certain medications, or other things.


This is a chronic condition that causes musculoskeletal pain and fatigue, in addition to memory, sleep, and mood issues. But lymphatic drainage massage can help relieve some of the harsher symptoms associated with fibromyalgia.


We’ve all been tired, but experiencing chronic fatigue can be especially difficult. This is when a person is physically and mentally tired all the time. Chronic fatigue is often caused by a congested lymphatic system that can be corrected with lymphatic massage.


Another common issue caused by poor lymphatic drainage, believe it or not, is insomnia. Poor sleep at night can quickly lead to other chronic issues, everything from allergies to asthma, so addressing it ASAP is important.

Skin Disorders

Since your body’s lymphatic system is responsible for draining toxins from your body, poor lymphatic drainage can affect your skin, which is your body’s largest organ. That’s why lymphatic massage is a great remedy for lesions and skin rashes, as well as acne.

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