Why Choose Home Massage Therapy in Riverside

A massage is a luxury and service that anyone should be able to enjoy, and while some may think you have to go to a spa or massage parlor, that isn’t the case. With Know Knots Mobile Massage, a luxury massage is available to all Riverside residents right in the comfort of their own home or even office (no spa necessary).

We wanted to take this opportunity to outline some of the benefits of a home massage, and what you can expect from our services.

Different Massages to Choose From

With our home massage services in Riverside, you can choose from a variety of different massage options. Our skilled therapists can provide:

  • Deep tissue massages that go deep into your tissues and muscles to ease muscle pain, tightness, and knots.
  • Swedish massages which provide a light to moderate pressure massage that promotes relaxation and eases muscle tensions.
  • Sports massages which combine deep tissue massage aspects as well as stretching to improve flexibility and relive stiffness.
  • And more

A Convenient & Safe Option

There are many people who can benefit from the convenience of a home massage in Riverside like those with accessibility problems, stay at home parents, and the elderly. Also, if you’re someone who might be anxious about going to an unknown area, being in the comfort of your own home and surroundings can truly allow you to enjoy your massage.

It is a fast and easy option; within 30 minutes we will arrive at your home with all the needed equipment and start your massage.

Relaxing & Stress Relieving

One of the biggest benefits of getting a professional massage is that it not only will help relax your muscles and body, but it will also help relax your soul and destress your mind. With all that is going on around us these days, you deserve the opportunity to relax from the comfort of your very own home.

A massage really is an investment in both your physical and mental wellbeing.

Book Your Home Massage in Riverside Today

Whether you need a massage at your home, office, or need us to come to your hotel room, we’re happy to provide our custom massage services. To learn more about our pricing, or to book your appointment, please contact us today.

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